About Us

We are a team of professionals who understand the customer’s requirements at a glance. Our long-term experience in implementing the SAP IS-U billing solution, and, most importantly, support for the further development of already implemented systems allows us to quickly understand the tasks set, minimizing meetings and discussions; comprehensively assess risks and impacts on the system and other processes when implementing customer requirements; and, in general, perform tasks quickly and efficiently. We respact our customers’ time, so the software code of our developments is highly optimized for processing large data arrays.

Yes, we are a relatively young company. But our team is a team of people who worked together on different projects before the company was created, so we work as a single well-coordinated mechanism in which each of us has his most favorite direction, where he can be as effective as possible.

Our specialization is billing for housing and communal services (SAP IS-U), mainly for electricity. We divide it into areas such as Billing&Invoicing, Device Management, Contract accounts, and Customer Service. Also, we have extensive experience in solving integration tasks with the SAP BI (BW) reporting system, external systems, and other SAP modules – FI-GL, FI-CO, PLM, SD. We have experience in system unbundling, data archivation, and configuring of the SAP Workflow.

Our clients do not pay for discussions, but for quickly and efficiently work.